Frequently asked questions

Q. How much money can EBR Solutions save me?
A. We will save you up to 70% of your current empty building rates liability.

Q. Is the EBR solution 100% legal?
A. Yes, we have had our solution appraised by a leading London law firm who have
confirmed it is comfortably within the boundaries of the law.  A copy of this appraisal is available on request.

Q. Have you any proof that it works?
A. Of course. We are currently mitigating business rates for many of our clients and can provide references on request.

Q. Will I be able to continue marketing the property as available to let?
A. Yes. The EBR solution is completely unobtrusive. You can continue to market your premises in the normal manner.

Q. If we find a commercial tenant, how soon can we terminate our solution?
A. Our standard notice period is one month but should you find a tenant we can terminate our agreement with 1 weeks notice if it is to your benefit, and in the spirit of a good client relationship.

Q. Do we have to accept charity tenants sourced by EBR Solutions?
A. The final decision to accept any tenant found by us, sits with the Landlord. In order to implement the scheme, all we ask is that you are willing to consider below market rate offers from charitable tenants.

Q. What is the likelihood of receiving an offer from a charity?
A. Your property will be actively marketed to a large database of charities and so it is likely that some will express an interest and should it be commercially viable to you.

Q. What types of property can you mitigate?
A. All types of commercial property. In fact, EBR Solutions are the only business to be able to offer mitigation across the full range of commercial property.

Q. Does the property have to be over a certain size?
A. Due to the simplicity of our solution, we can mitigate all sizes of property, big or small.

Q. Have you ever failed to save a client money?
A. No – We have always delivered savings of at least 50%.

Many unique benefits

We know our market and all of the competitor solutions available to you. That’s why we know our solution’s benefits make us the preferred choice for Business Rates mitigation.

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Simple to implement

No other solution compares. We don’t need keys, we don’t need access. It’s so simple we can have your Business Rates mitigated within 24 hours.

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Being unique, our solution often raises questions. We’ve listed some of the answers here but please get in contact should you have any further questions.

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