Not fit for occupation

If your property is not capable of beneficial occupation – for instance, if it is in poor condition
or lacks toilets – your valuation officer may judge that it should be taken out of the rating list altogether.

You cannot, by law, damage the property for the purposes of avoiding rates.

Does not require occupation
Savings of up to 100% of Rates payable
Strategy can run indefinitely

Obtrusive – inhibits marketing
Cost of implementation and repair
Decision to remove a property is at the council’s discression
Any legal challenge is made against the the landlord –
hence adverse publicity

Many unique benefits

We know our market and all of the competitor solutions available to you. That’s why we know our solution’s benefits make us the preferred choice for Business Rates mitigation.

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Simple to implement

No other solution compares. We don’t need keys, we don’t need access. It’s so simple we can have your Business Rates mitigated within 24 hours.

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Being unique, our solution often raises questions. We’ve listed some of the answers here but please get in contact should you have any further questions.

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